1. Film Director | 2. Film Director needs a perfect Location for filming 3. Pioka: Library of Properties; Pioka for Film Director To SEARCH a Location & Pioka for Property Owner To REGISTER a Location 4. Searching Themes: Apartmens, Houses, Typical Slovenian, Kitchens, Terrace, Industrial and Commercial Locations 5. TV Production is searching Locations on Pioka for 2 Scenes 6. Pioka get Inquire 7. Pioka has to find: best Location for requested Price 8. Location A is choosen by the Filming team 9. Location Check: TV Production and Property Owner 10. Reservation of Location is confirmed. Last Quick Check 11. The Filming Day 12. Pioka on set … The filming / Photoshooting 13It’s a Wrap! | 14Cleaning | 15.  Payment to Location Owner

For property owners

Get noticed by film industry

As the largest and deepest location gallery on the market, Pioka is the first place filmmakers go to for scouting locations. List with Pioka gets your property in front of the entertainment industry easily and quickly.

Profitable rental income

Set your own rate and keep 100% of the income. The daily rate for renting your property for filming is approximately the property’s monthly mortgage. Location, production schedule and size may also affect how much your property can earn.

For filmmakers

Free to search

Search is free. If you’re looking for a location to film your next production, Pioka is your one-stop shop with many interesting locations.

Supportive film friendly centre

Pioka works proactively with the filming community, residential and business owners to ensure that Pioka remains a supportive and film friendly production centre. Pioka understands the challenges and rewards of location filming and plays an active role in the industry by managing location issues and troubleshooting concerns that may arise on location.